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Pumice is a porous volcanic rock with a neutral pH level and is comprised of highly vesicular strands permeated with tiny air bubbles. The tiny pores on the surface of the pumice act as microscopic reservoirs to absorb and store nutrient-rich moisture and minerals.

Pumice is a 100% NATURAL growing media that provides an ideal balance of moisture retention, gas exchange, and draining capabilities. Using our pumice as a growing media can immensely improve the quality and growability of soils; it acts as an aeration system, retains moisture, and supplies and holds nutrients in the root zone. It is especially beneficial for succulents and cacti, and other varieties of water sensitive horticulture.



 Pumice serves a variety of purposes in horticulture and landscaping. Pumice is rich in vital nutrients that promote growth in a variety of horticulture, and maintain healthy water absorbency in soils. The porous and complex surface of the pumice stones act as hundreds of tiny sponges, capturing the water and nutrients, and slowly releases them back into the root system as needed. This allows for less frequent watering while meanwhile preventing overwatering.

     Contrary to it's competitors such as Perlite, Coco Cour, and Peat Moss, our Pumice actually adds dozens of healthy trace minerals to your soil and plant life. Unlike its competitors, our product never decomposes or rots, so it is lower risk for plant life, and will never blow away or need to be replaced. Our pumice releases stored water quickly during drainage, brings oxygen to the root zone, allows carbon dioxide to escape, it enables air circulation, and makes food and water consistently available for root uptake.

  • Improves the quality and growability of soils

  • Saves on Water Costs & Drastically Improves Water Conservation

  • Is Rich in Vital Horticulture Vitamins & Minerals

  • Acts as an aeration system, allowing more oxygen to the soil

  • Retains moisture; each pumice stone acts as a sponge & absorbs water

  • Supplies and holds nutrients in the root zone


     Our 100% NATURAL, high-quality Pumice is mined, packaged, and shipped on site from our mines in Southern California. Our mines are family owned, & we handle every aspect of the company, from the mining itself to shipping & bagging, to ensure the highest quality product for you, our customer, and suit each individual customers needs as quickly and seamlessly possible. 

     Our pumice can be purchased in several sizes, ranging from: 1/8", 3/16, & 3/8", and is sold in individual 3.5 Gallon Bags, shipped nation-wide via USPS, and also sold in pallets of 30lb. bags wholesale, and in bulk 2000lb. super sacks and bulk truckloads ($/yard vary, call for more information). Please note wholesale processing/transit time can take 8-25 days depending on weather, & where the product is being shipped (note we ship from Southern California).


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