General Pumice Products

Animal Absorbent

     Our 1/8" size pumice, which can be found on our "Order Here" page, is also used as an Animal Absorbent  around the world! Pumice is the perfect solution for the undesired wetness and muddiness that typically occurs in your horse stalls, litter boxes, barns, kennels, chicken coops, and trailers etc. It's safe for all animals, and is very gentle on their feet and skin. It works to not only absorb liquids such as water and urine, but it also eliminates the odors that come along with the various byproducts that may come from barns & stalls.

     Our absorbent is an environmentally friendly, animal-friendly product comprised of 100% NATURAL pumice. Pumice is a member of the micro porous solid family, meaning it is essentially made up of hundreds of tiny sponges that easily absorb all liquids it comes in contact with. It’s porous structure allows our animal absorbent to easily and safely absorb any excess moisture in your animal spaces, while simultaneously deodorizing the area as well.

     Our absorbent can:

  • Encapsulate everything from simply water to the harshest and most hazardous of chemical waste, permanently.

  • Our product will never decompose and will never need to be removed.

  • Our product is more absorbent than others made of clay or other compounds, so will offer better soil conditioning for your animals.

Our product differs from typical kitty litters and stall drying products because by nature our product is an ABSORBENT that has tiny sponge-like pores that encapsulate liquids, trapping them inside its pores, whereas most other products are simple ADSORBENTS, meaning they only use surface tension to cling to the liquid or gel temporarily. These, mostly being clay based, will temporarily soak up the waste and then shed that waste when it gets wet or sweats in your animals stall. Our pumice absorbent will not do this, our product will absorb the waste liquids into its microscopic pores, and will hold them within it’s porous structure permanently.

We also currently sell our animal absorbent in 30lb. bags, wrapped and palletized on 1800lb. pallets. & in 2000lb. super sacks of loose product. We can ship anywhere in the U.S. via freight! CALL FOR PRICING & DETAILS (760) 403-4718