General Pumice Products

Oil Absorbant


AllZorb Spill Sweep

Also known as lava-rock, AllZorb is used for soaking up oil, grease, coolant, hydraulic fluid and similar potentially hazardous liquids.  "AllZorb" is an organic and environmentally friendly product.

The reason why Allzorb is such a unique product is because it is made out of a 50/50 blend of #8 pumice and pumice fines.  The reason why we chose a 50/50 blend is because the #8 pumice soaks up the heavy liquid materials and the fines soak up the leftover liquids, this allows for the most optimal clean up.  What makes pumice so absorbent is its porous spongelike material, which allows it to hold more liquid.  That is what makes Allzorb the best product in the absorbent business.